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Customer Relationship Equity Our state-of-the-art approach to measuring customer relationships and loyalty.
Innovation Hansa's approach to innovation research begins by gaining a rich understanding of customers’ current state, needs and preferences - the Outside In/Inside Out philosophy.
Market Assessment Hansa uses a multi-faceted approach to helping clients understand their market, their customers and the interaction between the two.
Brand Promise Development Hansa’s proven approach for creating a differentiating brand position.
Brand Engagement Our unique approach to integrating customer loyalty measurement with brand promise measurement.
Brand StairstepsSM Hansa’s innovative approach to brand tracking building on attraction/aversion theory.
Customer Experience Consulting Services Comprehensive support to designing and implementing a loyalty-building customer experience.
eSensityTM Hansa’s groundbreaking approach to measuring emotions in the customer experience.
ExperienceBoardsTM Our proprietary approach to uncovering subconscious motivators in the brand and customer experience.
Customer Journey Mapping and Analysis Our approach to identifying the steps customers take over time in their experience with the brand, service, or product.
Brand Solutions Offering solutions to strengthen a brand, from rejuvenation and differentiation, to implementation and tracking.
Brand RJVNTRTM Brands, like people, grow into middle age and beyond. Also, like people, brands that are refreshed and kept relevant can continue to endure.
Brand EXPNDRTM Hansa’s approach to positioning and moving a brand into new markets and customer segments.
Brand INNVTRTM Our methodology for identifying customer needs and competitive opportunities for brand positioning and communications.
Brand DFFRNTRTM A systematic approach to uncovering ownable and distinctive brand attributes to gain competitive differentiation.
Brand IMPLNTRTM Build internal alignment and engagement with the company’s brand to deliver the brand promise.
Brand Stairsteps Hansa’s approach to comprehensively measuring and tracking a brand’s position and loyalty in the market.
Brand BLDRTM Our methodology for identifying brand experience elements that are destroying or building brand equity.
Green & Sustainability Hansa applies our unique framework of psychoeconomics to assess the impact of green and sustainability on purchase decision making.
Qualitative Research Hansa has a full range of qualitative research capabilities including focus group moderation, in-depth interviews, ExperienceBoards™, Emotive Mapping™, on-line discussion boards and focus groups, mystery shopping, ride-alongs and central location tests, among other methods.
Quantitative Research Hansa conducts quantitative surveys globally and has complete capabilities to develop statistically valid sample plans and quantitative analysis including industry-leading techniques like structural equation modeling, Shapley value analysis, Monte Carlo simulation, maximum difference analysis, choice modeling and hierarchical Bayesian analysis, among many others.
Customer Experience Research Paradigm Hansa has re-engineered industry thinking about how to understand and measure the customer experience in research methods. We take a holistic and innovative approach to understanding customer motivators and behavior.
Linkage Analysis Hansa works with clients to “connect the dots” from customer attitudinal data to brand loyalty data to brand preference and buying behavior to financial results.
IT Evaluator To gain an in-depth understanding of business technology use and performance, we put a specialized focus on documentation, categorization, measurement and analysis. Our customized, data-driven approach provides analysis and insights of real world customer experiences- not laboratory investigations or expert opinions.


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