Consulting and Market Research based on the

Psychology of Human Behavior.

Hansa enables clients to enhance their brands and customer experiences. We view customers through a lens that ties their experience to the brand. We base our approach to research on the psychology of customer motivation at both conscious and subconscious levels. We partner with our clients to ask the hard questions about their business outcomes and the research insights necessary to support business decisions, advance brand positions, and create customer experiences that build brand equity and loyalty. Our methods are flexible and adaptable, looking across the entire brand and customer experience, or drilling down into specific customer touchpoints or steps in the prospect and customer decision process.


Hansa pioneers techniques to understand the psychology of prospect and customer motivation. We employ frameworks for uncovering both the cognitive, or rational, factors and the emotional factors that drive customer attraction and loyalty. We know from our research that creating deeper bonds with customers drives repeat sales, recommendations, business growth, and creates customers who simply love to do business with our clients.

Market researchers have often looked at customer loyalty as a linear connection: Create positive attitudes and behaviors will follow. Our point of view is different. We find repeatedly that the secret rests in creating both attitudinal and behavioral bonds. When both are present, results are realized and sustained.

Hansa is not a market research firm that simply collects and reports data. We employ our customer experience philosophy to take the extra steps from gathering reliable market and customer data to delivering insight.