ThoughticlesTM are engaging articles intended to stimulate thinking about how to enhance the brand and customer experience.

Developing and Executing Brand

Delivering the Brand Nine principles of managing internal brand engagement.
Managing Your Brand Managing a brand for success requires commitment to a brand promise built around the way the customer experience affects customer behavior.
The Brand Promise Every brand has a story. What is yours?
Focusing on Key Brand Elements The question of refreshing the brand should be constantly on the radar- to keep the brand relevant, differentiated, and valuable.
Putting the Brand to the Test The brand personality, value, benefits, and essence- together- constitute the brand promise. Is your brand at its full potential?
Brand Measurement The dilemma is that the customer does not experience the brand separately from the rest of his or her experience.
Brand Thinking We make a major mistake if we think that the logo or image placed on a product or service is the brand and there is nothing more.
Improving Brand Research Results Extensive brand attributes create measurement issues. Learn about the strength of simplicity in brand measurement.

Head and Heart Customer Connections

Heuristics and the Customer Journey To understand the customer journey, it is important to understand how customers make decisions.
What Customers Really Care About Explore sensory, functional, and psychological needs.
Creating Emotional Bonds There is no such thing as a purely rational decision.
Complaint Handling You cannot manage customer complaints if you cannot manage their emotions.

The Customer Experience

Brand Interceptors What gets in-between what respondents say vs. what they actually do are what we call brand interceptors.
Customer Irritants Switching barriers can affect your customer experience strategy.
Don’t Lose The Product In The Customer Experience In crafting the customer experience, keep the product itself a priority.
Customer Experience 3.0 If you are looking to improve the customer experience, don’t forget one critical thing…
Brand Building Must Change The brand is the total experience the customer has- the experience is the brand.
Customer Focused Processes Are your non-customer-focused processes sabotaging customers and your customer focused employees?
Outcomes Focused CX It’s not about you; it’s about the customer.
Outcomes Focused CX, Commercial Banking The customer experience in commercial financial services is changing.
Outcomes Focused CX, Capital Equipment Financing Innovation in the customer experience for capital equipment financing.

Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Surveys Are you wasting your time and money?
Five Things You Must Do To Make Your Customer Feedback Effective Traditional approaches to customer surveys miss the mark.

Business-oriented Research

B2B Research When researching business customers, it is critical to decide whether you are getting views of individuals or of the company.
B2B Segmentation Segmenting businesses presents unique challenges that need to be carefully considered.

Building Customer Loyalty

Opportunity for Customer Research We try to build loyalty with customers, but some customers simply may have no propensity to be loyal.
Building Customer Retention and Growth How to build technology buyer loyalty.
Is Customer Loyalty Dead? Until you can create emotional bonds through the brand promise and consistent delivery on that promise, it is not possible to create true loyalty.
Shattered Loyalty Don’t just focus on how to build loyalty; also focus on what is destroying loyalty.

Best Practices in Research Methodology

New Options and Techniques for Conjoint Analysis Knowing how to price upgrades and/or new features is essential to a successful launch. Learn how this newer technique works and what questions to ask in order to get the most useful data.
Living a Qualitative Lifestyle Ethnographic research enables a unique view of customers in their real worlds.
Market Research in a Mobile Age: Have the Rules Changed? As the market research landscape evolves, be willing to adapt.
Win/Loss Debriefs Often, it’s the period immediately after a win or loss that can reap the greatest rewards.
Rules of The Road for International Research Understanding cultures, geographies, economies, and language differences will enable success in conducting international research.

Optimizing Marketing and Sales

How Can Marketing Help Beleaguered Sales Professionals? Moving from consultative selling to provocative selling based on market and customer insight.

Green and Sustainability

Green Isn’t Just the New Black If you consider green to be a fad, you are putting the future of your business at stake.
What’s Your Green Strategy for Talking With Customers? Customers’ corporate and personal values play a key role in purchase decisions.


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