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Healthcare Experience across the healthcare delivery landscape, including medical technology, healthcare provider services, pharmaceuticals, retail pharmacy, and health insurance for both business and consumer stakeholders.
Financial Services Experience with global financial services institutions, local and regional banks, insurance providers, credit cards, investment services, risk management, prime brokerage, and others.
Consumer Packaged Goods Experience with multi-channel retailers and packaged goods firms, including messaging, positioning, package communications, and new product development research.
Media & Advertising Experience with multiple media developers and distributors and advertisers, including ad measurement and tracking, consumer mood state analysis, and consumer programming reactions.
Retail Experience with retailers in multiple sectors including grocery, general merchandise, specialty retailers, big box retailers, and others.
Technology & Telecom Experience with multiple technology firms including hardware and software manufacturers as well as IT services firms and telecom, including brand assessment, brand positioning development, product and service innovation, cost of software implementation, cloud assessment, and customer relationship measurement.
Energy & Utilities Experience in supporting electric and gas utilities, electric and gas associations, and government energy agencies, including development of market positioning programs, cooperative programs for energy conservation, and new product and service evaluation for consumers and businesses.
Industrial & Manufacturing Experience with multiple industrial firms in sectors such as industrial equipment, turbines, electronic components, steel, and others.
Medical Devices Experience with the world's leading medical device firms, employing state-of-the-art research methods to help solve key issues and anticipate the evolution of customer needs.


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