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Business Technology Costs and Benefits: IT Assessment Specialty Practice

Technology firms are constantly looking for ways to differentiate their offerings based on performance. One pain point for many IT suppliers is accurate assessment of the operational and implementation costs of using specific technology products. Moreover, suppliers need a realistic assessment of how using their company’s technology will benefit the end customers’ businesses. Hansa can help IT businesses that are looking to develop differentiated messaging and positioning to compare costs of implementation versus the competition.

Hansa's IT assessment specialty practice focuses on documenting how the adoption and use of business technology affects IT and data center operations. We use a consistent, ITIL-based framework to profile organizational technology adoption and then categorize and measure the time associated with related staff activities. Finally, we then analyze and compare differences among customers of competing offerings. The key advantage of our customized, data-driven approach is that the resulting analyses and insights are determined by objective assessments of real world customer experiences, not laboratory investigations or expert opinions which often depart from actual costs and lack credibility and selling power with the end customer.