Consulting and Market Research based on the

Psychology of Human Behavior.

Green Marketing: Sustainability Research Practice

With all the attention on green today, both businesses and consumers increasingly profess support for environmental issues while their purchase behaviors suggest otherwise. When no one is watching, customer behaviors do not always align with their stated beliefs, leaving businesses with the question of how to close the gap between what customers claim they do and their real behavior.

Because of the complexity, depth, and breadth of issues associated with environmental sustainability, Hansa has developed an innovative research framework as part of its Sustainability Research and Green Market Insights practice. Building on Hansa's thirty-year expertise in customer experience research, the framework uses the psycho-economics of green as a lens to help our clients distinguish between green ideals and green values that change behavior, particularly buying decisions. In turn, our clients can build deeper and stronger relationships with their customers and other stakeholders, leading to improved business performance and profitability.