Consulting and Market Research based on the

Psychology of Human Behavior.

Hansa is a full-service market research and consulting firm, specializing in brand and the customer experience. Looking through the lens of the customer experience and applying psychological principles of human motivation, we offer best-in-class services in areas relating to Customer Relationship Equity, Market Assessment, Branding, and Product/Service Innovation.

We undertake primary research and provide both qualitative and quantitative research to support our clients’ business challenges. We also provide industry-leading quantitative methods, supported with PhD-level methodologists and statisticians to find the true meaning in research data.

We provide both research and consulting support to interpret and take action on research data across our areas of specialization. All of our client engagements are supported by hands-on senior consultants with extensive research experience.


Our qualitative techniques include focus groups, in-depth interviews, observational and ethnographic research, mystery shopping and ride-alongs, among others. We have developed state-of-the-art methods to gain insights into customers’ needs and wants. Example techniques we have pioneered include ExperienceBoards™, EmotiveMaps™, eSensity™ (a unique technique for measuring emotions), Experience Mapping, Customer Journey Mapping, Adaptive Conjoint, and of course, other techniques like dyads, triads, nominal group technique, ideation, benefit laddering, among many others. We have in-house moderators and a global network of in-country moderators for international needs.

Hansa employs a vast spectrum of methods to quantitatively measure and analyze customer and market data. Our philosophy is “right method for the right problem.” We are deeply experienced at designing reliable sample plans to address our client’s needs to understand markets and segments and gain statistically reliable data. Our analytic tools include best-in-class methods like structural equation modeling, Shapley value analysis, Monte Carlo simulation, hierarchical Bayesian decision analysis, maximum difference scaling, plus fundamental techniques like regression analysis, confidence–level testing, correlation analysis, and many others.

Hansa supports clients around the world and conducts research in nearly 80 countries. We have a network of colleagues and partners who bring local and cultural perspectives to the table, and we use the skills of highly experienced researchers, moderators and translators who work closely with our U.S. researchers to ensure the highest quality international insight.