Consulting and Market Research based on the

Psychology of Human Behavior.

Most customer equity research only scratches the surface—how do customers feel about your products and services? But basic knowledge about customer loyalty has little value without knowing the health of the relationship, where to focus to increase sales and loyalty and how to prevent customer defection. What marketers really need to know are the realities of customer behavior and how to use this understanding to drive business.

Hansa's approach to the customer experience includes four key areas of exploration:

  1. a holistic view of the customer buying situation and tendency to loyalty,
  2. a balanced look at the head (cognitive) and heart (emotional) factors that enhance relationships,
  3. segmentation-level views that drive individualized relationship strategies, and
  4. identification of barriers and enablers to purchase behavior.
Our methodology explores the full landscape of the customer experience including both attitudes and behaviors to produce accurate, actionable results that effectively drive business results.