Consulting and Market Research based on the

Psychology of Human Behavior.

Hansa's approach to innovation research begins by gaining a rich understanding of customers’ current state and their needs and preferences—the Outside In philosophy of innovation. From this base, we project where customers are going and highlight the opportunities for new products and services. We also assess customer delighters and pain points.

We also incorporate the Inside Out perspective, mining information from the business point of view to help our clients invent new products and services to put before their customers. We look to the people on the front line with customers for potential ideas. We take a cross-functional approach to reaching into a business—not just those responsible for a brand or category. We recognize the best ideas often come from a mix of personalities and bright thinkers across a company, and we tap into these resources on our clients’ behalf. Finally, we help our customers identify an internal advocate for each new idea, a champion to keep it alive and drive acceptance.